Printing Inks

We carry a complete and comprehensive line of Printing inks for all Sheet-fed and web applications.We specialize in conventional, UV, EB and Waterless Inks and back up our products with unmatched service and support.  Below are just a few lines of printing inks UGS carries.Feel free to contact us with your exact requirements!







Mercury Series Process Inks

The ultimate in stay-open quick-set technology!  Mercury Series Process Inks have a wide latitud e of operation with extremely quick set-speed, strong density, stable color control and excellent stay-open properties for increased print quality and productivity.  These green inks are vegetable oil based and comply with all Soya requirements.  The vibrant pigments used are 20% stronger than typical process series inks for less ink consumption, better mileage and more brilliance on all stocks.  The Mercury Series Process Inks generally profile .20 points lower in density than most process inks provided today.  These inks are G7 certified.  Our current best seller!

Triton Series Process Inks

The Triton Series Process Inks are engineered from the same pigment system as our Mercury Series Process Inks.  They contain an additional hard dry additive package that allows them set times unmatched by any other stay-open series inks on the market.  These inks were designed to reduce dry time and increase rub resistance on today’s tough offset and matte stocks.  These inks are G7 certified.

Orion Series Process Inks

The Orion Series Process Inks is our general quick-set series.  Extremely versatile and fast setting, this series of inks is hard to beat for price to performance ratio.  They are a standard density set when compared to our sets listed above and stay open very well in the ink fountain.  They have excellent stay-open properties and offer consistent color control at an unmatched price.  These inks are G7 certified.


Toka Series UV Inks

The Toka Series UV Inks are the most comprehensive and versatile UV product base on the planet.  With 65% share of the Japanese market of UV printing inks, Toka is hands down the leader in UV printing ink technology.  We stock a complete line of Toka products in Florida and Tennessee.  *These inks are available in limited areas only.


Heat-Set Series Process Inks

We carry a complete line of web based products, including Heat-Set/Cold-set and UV inks.  We own and fill our own containers and have both 2,500 lb full size and 1,500 lb half-size totes available.


Starion Series Process Inks

The Starion Series Process Inks is our high-end flexographic series product.  With excellent stability and unmatched strength these inks with run up to 1400 screen anilox.


We carry most industry standard container size and types and can custom fill specialized containers for unique applications